A Short History of
For 125 years, we have been refreshing the world.
1880s1886 May 8. Coca‑Cola is created by John S. Pemberton and served at Jacobs’ Pharmacy. Nine drinks a day are sold during this year.Company accountant, Frank Robinson, names the drink “Coca‑Cola,” and thinking the two Cs would look well in advertising, pens the famous Spencerian script logo. The rst newspaper ad appears announcing Coca‑Cola as a “Delicious and Refreshing Beverage.”1887Coupons are rst used to promote Coca‑Cola.John Pemberton registers his “Coca‑Cola Syrup and Extract” label as a copyright with the U.S. Patent Oce. 1888Asa Candler begins to acquire personal control of the Coca‑Cola formula and patents from John Pemberton and his partners.“Drink Coca‑Cola”“Delicious and Refreshing”
1890s1891 Calendars are rst used for advertising by Asa Candler. Note the ad for De‑Lec‑Ta‑Lave, a mouthwash that is also sold by Candler. After 1892, he focuses his energies exclusively on Coca‑Cola.1892 Asa Candler, who began to acquire The Coca‑Cola Company in 1888, nalizes the purchase and incorporates The Coca‑Cola Company as a Georgia Corporation.An advertising budget of $11,000 is authorized.1893 The Coca‑Cola Spencerian script trademark is registered with the U.S. Patent oce. At the Company’s second annual meeting, the rst dividend is paid to investors.1895 Asa Candler declares in the Annual Report that Coca‑Cola is sold and drunk in every state and territory in the United States.1896Soda fountain urns and clocks are rst used for advertising purposes.1898The rst building is erected for the sole purpose of housing The Coca‑Cola Company. It is quickly outgrown as the Company moves to larger quarters ve times in the next 12 years.1899The rights to bottle Coca‑Cola in most of the United States are sold by Asa Candler to Benjamin F. Thomas and Joseph B. Whitehead of Chattanooga, Tennessee, for $1. Chattanooga becomes the rst city to bottle Coca‑Cola under the contract.“A Delightful Summer or Winter Beverage”